How to Rent a Long-Term Serviced Apartment at Sabai Sathorn Serviced Apartment

Looking for a long-term place to stay in the Silom/Sathorn area? Ideally, you could find so many types of places to stay according to your traveling purposes. Hotel, Airbnbs, or even serviced apartments. So, which one is better? This guide will tell you what are the differences between those places, and what you need to […]

Top 6 Thai Food Cooking Classes Around Silom Area

Thailand is a land of food and smiles. Before you depart the country, bring home the taste of authentic Thailand with you. There is the ubiquity of Thai cooking classes to enjoy in Bangkok. Here are the best 5 cooking classes to try close to Silom area, and close to Sabai Sathorn 🙂 Blue Elephant […]

Sabai, Sabai – How Silom and Sathorn spark your joy and calm your nerve

Rush to Relax seems to be the way of life for Bangkokian living in Silom and Sathorn area, the busiest financial district by day, the most vibrant party designation by night. Home to many of Bangkok’s top luxury hotels, best bars, and the finest restaurants, these CBD areas are a great place to visit! Previous […]

Top 9 best street foods around Wat Khaek Silom

Sri Maha Mariamman Temple or Wat Phra Sri Uma Devi, better known as “Wat Khaek”, is one of the most recognizable and most sacred Hindu temples in the CBD of Silom.  Within an 8-minute walk of the Sabai Sathorn Service Apartment, you’ll find this rich Southern Indian Architecture style Hindu temple for worshippers as well […]

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