Sabai, Sabai – How Silom and Sathorn spark your joy and calm your nerve

Rush to Relax seems to be the way of life for Bangkokian living in Silom and Sathorn area, the busiest financial district by day, the most vibrant party designation by night. Home to many of Bangkok’s top luxury hotels, best bars, and the finest restaurants, these CBD areas are a great place to visit!

Silom is like a large community combining with lots of eateries, cultural, and nightlife to explore that are in proximity to each other. Silom covers the area between the south side of Lumpini Park and the historical Chao Phraya River. 

Silom at daytime white-collar workers flock onto the streets for lunch at famous street food carts, local restaurants, and coffee shops. At night, an unparalleled lifestyle offers incredibly diverse dining, nightlife, and leisure hotspots including Soi Patpong’s famous spot for adult entertainment.

Sathorn itself houses a variety of financial institutions and national/international companies operating in a wide range of industries. Some of the expensive hotels are also located in this area cater to rich visitors that like to talk business over a glass of wine or a cocktail. At the top of the Banyan Tree Hotel or the State Tower incredibly gives the unforgettable panoramic views of Southeast Asia.

Both areas are easily accessible via the MRT Subway or the BTS Skytrain. The Saphan Taksin pier also a great choice if you want to explore Bangkok by riverboat while staying near the Charoenkrung known as “Bangkok’s Soho”, the Silom’s famous oldest riverside neighborhood.

Silom-Sathorn perfectly manages to blend its commercial elements with a pleasant and desirable lifestyle. A trip to Bangkok will not be completed without a visit to these great vibes!

Above all, choosing where to stay is very necessary to help you don’t waste too much trip time sitting in traffic or getting lost.

If you want to be closer to the heart of things while enjoying the finest accommodation and sophisticated surroundings in a uniquely Bangkokian way, we are really the place for you.



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